Why do you need a secure virtual data room?

The digital data room is widely used today by commercial companies of various sizes and authorities as it is a reliable tool for secure virtual collaboration. Here is more about valuable data room features.

The essence of data protection

Any competent specialist in information security will tell you that the essence of its protection is in ensuring its three main properties: confidentiality, integrity, and availability. When we talk about a data breach, we’re talking about a breach of its privacy. In recent years, there has been some elimination of priorities. If earlier the focus was the task of ensuring the confidentiality of information, now the emphasis is increasingly shifting to ensuring its availability. There are several reasons for this:

    • Remote customer service services have appeared in almost any business, and significant downtime of these services leads to substantial financial losses.
    • In most organizations, a significant part of information exchange is carried out electronically, and the unavailability of information disrupts technological processes and leads to business interruption.
    • Modern technologies present huge opportunities for various types of communication, which greatly facilitates joint work in teams and allows to unite teams of people physically scattered in different parts of the world. As a result, it will increase efficiency and reduce business costs. But such work involves active information interaction and constant access to the necessary information for all participants.
    • Companies are increasingly using various cloud services. When implementing them, the provider focuses primarily on the availability of the service, often to the detriment of its security against unauthorized access.

Data room for confidentiality, integrity, and availability of business data 

It can be said that to ensure business continuity, the availability of information becomes more important than ensuring its confidentiality. A big problem from the point of view of a possible data leak is a variety of counterparties and service organizations. Many of them have access to the company’s corporate network. The threat of data leakage can come from unscrupulous employees of these organizations and hackers who can penetrate your company by breaking into the IT infrastructure of a counterparty. Building relations with such organizations to ensure the necessary level of their compliance with information security requirements is a separate major area of ​​activity of the information security service. Therefore, modern companies transfer their deal operations into a well-protected virtual data room. It is a comprehensive digital solution that combines confidentiality, integrity, and availability of business-critical data in one united, collaborative software. 

The peculiarities of data room functionality

Virtual data room created a comprehensive information system based on cloud computing technologies to automate the management of sales and purchases, storage and processing of data under contracts, control indicators, and organize effective interaction between contractors and departments. 

The software was designed to perform the following tasks:

      • improve the quality of management information that is, its reliability and analyticity;
      • optimize and improve the efficiency of the company as a whole;
      • automate employee interaction processes;
      • increase control of performance discipline;
      • reduce the time for negotiating contractual documents;
      • reduce operating costs due to the introduction of a single platform;
      • process large amounts of information.

A special security system protects the content of the data room. Each user can sign information objects with a personal electronic signature if necessary. The security system also allows you to verify the authenticity of the signature of other users. Any operation involving an electronic signature, encrypted documents, and keys is strictly recorded in the work history. Sensitive documentation is encrypted using individual keys. All information transmitted via external channels is also encrypted.